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The Next 36 showcases top ventures from Canada’s preeminent young entrepreneurs | Backbone Magazine

I have seen two cohorts of Next 36 companies so far and been impressed with both. Congratulations to them all! The Next 36 showcases top ventures from Canada’s preeminent young entrepreneurs | Backbone Magazine. Investors and business elite from across North America flock to annual Venture Day TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2012 /CNW/ – Many of Canada’s biggest names in venture capital and…

What Are Angel Investors Looking For?

The Wall Street Journal in an interview with Susan Preston on April 25th, How to Win Angel Funding, did an excellent job of rounding out the investment criteria of angels. Every entrepreneur seeking capital should review this article to ensure their opportunity, at the very least, meets all of the criteria set out in the article.

Approaching Investors: Executive Summary or Slide Deck

In my experience, I’d say that this poll accurately sums up the preferences of both groups. Angel groups in Canada (and indeed globally) are now almost all using Angelsoft, an Angel group deal flow management tool and community. The first step in using signing up on this platform for any angel group is the filling out of a form which generates a one-page executive summary.

Batten Down The Hatches: Company CEO Advice

Over the past week I have seen a flurry of notes from Angels and VCs to their portfolio companies commenting on the recent economic instability. The message echoed by all: Batten down the hatches! Review your budgets. Make the cuts you need to. You may not get another round of financing in the near future. Two such groups that have…

Entrepreneurs as Artists: A Comment

I very much like the comparison Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks, made recently between entrepreneurs and artists. As a fan of Romantic Realism, a term that usually refers to a type of art that deals with the themes of volition and value while also acknowledging objective reality and the importance of technique, to me, Mike’s is an very fitting comparison.…