Canadian StartupCamps Announced

Last week the next round of StartupCamps, StartupCampWaterloo (June 5th) and StartupCampMontreal (May 15th), were announced in Toronto at StartupCampToronto.

What are StartupCamps?

StartupCamp, a.k.a “The Unconference for the Startup Community”, is an unconference-style event that’s dedicated to bringing together the various members of the startup community for a face-to-face collaborative meetup where its the attendees that drive the agenda (in true unconference fashion).

Often showcasing new and interesting startup companies these ‘camps’ are a great resource for Angels, helping them engage the startup community and overcome the adverse selection risk I examined in a previous post. Especially in the ICT space, these ‘camps’ are a great venue to gather context on the newest high-potential companies coming down the dealflow pipeline such as Tungle,, or

Also, it should be noted that NAO’s own President, W. Daniel Mothersill, will be one of the keynote speakers at the next StartupCampMontreal as will serial entrepreneur and Angel Austin Hill.

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